On 31 July 2013 the Jisc core funding for UKOLN ceased. As a result the majority of UKOLN staff were made redundant.

The staff who continued at UKOLN were part of a rebranded organisation called “UKOLN Informatics”.

On 23 December 2013 a post on the UKOLN Informatics blog announced that

Dr Liz Lyon, UKOLN Director, leaves us at the end of this year, for a new position as Visiting Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. 

No further information on the future of UKON Informatics has been published on the blog since that date.

This Web site provides information about staff who worked at UKOLN at the University of Bath.

The Web site provides brief factual information about former UKOLN employees. The main initial purpose of the Web site is to ensure that staff who have been main redundant are able to have a Web presence which may be of benefit in finding employment opportunities.

Anybody who used to work at UKOLN can provide information on this Web site. Please see the Contact page for information on how to provide information on this Web site.